Software solutions

calan communications is focused on the development of software that supports the demands of  the exhibit & event supplier. 
Developed by industry experienced veterans, the calan software solution is comprised of  two seamlessly integrated applications.
Stand alone or together these applications meet the toughest day to day challenges faced by you and your business. 

calan communication's software is, quite simply, an affordable solution that delivers value backed by experienced support.
einfo is a customizable web based solution we tailor to fit your business needs. Your company, no matter how large or small, can effectively interact with customers, eliminate redundancy, shorten response time, eliminate errors and improve internal communications while reducing operating overhead. Imagine what saving five minutes, five times a day for every employee would do for your business

This affordable solution is not about changing what you do...but how you do it. 
Enhancing Business Relationships Through Better Communication.
Go2Show can be integrated with einfo or act as a stand alone wizard. It  assists your customers in creating their event, selecting the properties they need and determining a preferred payment method. Packaged in a customized environment, branded for them with automated notifications and system generated work orders, packing lists and BOL with labels fully integrated with the einfo databases.

Process orders with no more account management time then it  takes to click a mouse to release the order.
Online event ordering made easy.
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