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calan listens to your needs and, equally as important, we listen to, "What your clients are telling you". Our software is designed to deliver effective solutions to your everyday needs. Our focus is to provide you visibility of your operations. Delivering you and your customer heightened confidence in a successful outcome.

If any of the following sounds familiar, then you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at calan's software. 
Project Management
  • We constantly take heat from the client for missing advanced deadlines.
  • Clients are always complaining we don't give them enough advanced warning on when art work is due.
  • We spend a lot of time just trying to keep everyone up to date on tasks and due dates.
  • Quality sometimes slips through our fingers for lack of clear ownership of Tasks.
File Management
  • We spend way too much time juggling endless emails and looking for attachments spread across laptops and our servers.
  • On an important call half the people are viewing the wrong version of the design layout or document we are discussing.
  • We miss the opportunity to capture critical information on the spot because we didn't bring a folder for every show.
  • It never fails that when we start a project the first request is, "What did we do last year?" 
  • Clients are always complaining  we don't give them enough advanced warning on when art work is due.
  • My customer has internal struggles over billing when her clients say they never approved the work.
  • Production is just not in sync with design on what is ready to produce. It frequently places us into OT or rush charges.
  • When we discuss overruns it would help if we could show the history of all the changes made by the client.
Asset Management
  • Planning for optimized inventory utilization is not something we can really do for the client today.
  • I have an opportunity to service my client's fulfillment activity but I can't track the use and deliver solid reporting.
  • My larger clients always wait to the last minute to discover that a critical graphic is missing or in use.
  • My return for return on my rental properties is low because we don't really know what we have or where it is.
Online Ordering
  • I lose money on portable projects requiring excessive account management time, but can't bill more.
  • My customer can't focus on the bigger shows because she is always taking field orders for banner stands.
  • I'm taking heat to provide my biggest client relief from the pain of  their 100 portable show program.
  • Graphics get taken at portable and table tops shows, then we can't find them to use in the larger shows.
  • It seems that every truck due in on a given day arrives at the same time, causing a real fire drill.
  • We spend hours retyping hand written packing lists and still can't find things on the show floor.
  • Transshipping from shows creates paperwork nightmares and causes all kinds of tracking confusion.
  • We would like to use remote warehouses to lower costs but can't seem to master the logistics. 
Sales Forecasting
  • Candidly...we don't have a good projection for annual sales revenue.
  • Getting an AE to provide reliable updates to revenue projections is a monthly challenge of juggling Excel spreadsheets.
  • We really can't get a good look at a client's total spend across multiple LOB.
  • Without getting a better breakout of revenue by LOB, every month is a resource and cash crunch roller coaster.
Business Tools
  • Projecting margins and juggling cash flow management is a constant challenge. 
  • Graphic production is always at a loss with how to optimize their output; we just can't see release approvals in our pipeline.
  • Determining employee workloads when evaluating a new opportunity takes way more time than we have.
  • If I had better visibility of my vendor spend I feel I could leverage that for better pricing.
It's all about improving customer relationships and  your profits through better communications.
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